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Wall and Tabletop Decoration.

Whether you prefere natural (unlazed) finish or a bloom with a touch of lustre ( choice of real 24k Gold or Platinum), we certainly have a nice range of little gifts to choose from.


Each flower in the Mini Tulip Collection is made from locally sourced porcelain, carefully sculpted and high fired in a pottery kiln.


Our Mini Blooms can be displayed on the wall (each piece has a flat base with a small keyhole opening) or use to create a table top decoration for permanent display or for a special occasion.


This style works incredibly well in contemporary interiors but its romantic flair is perfectly suited for cottages and period properties.


Individually, the flowers are delicate in appearance. As a set, they transform the space and induce observation of the interaction between their strong identities.


Would you like to discuss different colours and quantities for your bespoke order, please complete our Enquiry form here.


Please be aware that one batch of porcelain pieces may differ slightly from another and from the ones in the image. Differences are usually minuscule and have no impact on the quality of the work. Moreover, they make each piece unique.

Mini Tulips - Rhubarb Blush, Grape Sorbet, Lavender Macaron

  • Approximately 7-9cm in diameter - a single bloom, sets include flowers between 6.5cm -9cm

  • This product is readily available. We ship within 3 days of purchase. Delivery times may vary, usually no longer than 2 days from shipping if UK 1st Class no longer than 5 days from shipping if UK 2nd Class, ad up to 15 days from shipping to US (International Tracked).

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