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Privacy Notice 2022 Scope

This statement applies to AC Ceramic Atelier (the Firm) and it’s Customer's).


Personal Information Collected

We collect information you choose to provide during your registration on our website. We process and store personal data about you for the purposes of carrying out the instructions you have given us and delivering services and products you have ordered. We use common internet technologies, such as WIX payments, Google Analytics, cloud computing. 

For details about our information collection practices, please forward your enquiry to

Users & Sharing

We use personal information to provide you with information and advice, and to help us develop new products and services that meet your needs. This includes passing personal data to third parties who are engaged, with your consent, to provide advice in the matter on which you have instructed us.

We keep only digital copy of the documents. 

We do not share your personal information with other marketers unless we have asked for and obtained your explicit consent. If you do not provide your consent, we will not share your information. 


You should let us know if there is specific information you do not want us to share with the court or 3rd parties in writing.


We will use personal information you provide only for purposes consistent with the reason you provided it. 

When we temporarily provide personal information to companies that perform services for us, such as to send you email or documents, we require those companies to protect the information in the same manner as the Firm. These service companies cannot use your personal information for any other purpose than the reason you provided it to the Firm.

Where information about your matter has entered the public domain, we may no longer keep that information confidential.


We only keep the information for as long as reasonably needed and for up to 6 years, from the instruction date.



You may access personal information that we hold about you. You can ask us to correct any errors or delete the information we have about you in writing to

We require that you notify the firm in writing (via email to about change of circumstances or give any other relevant information so that the records can be kept up to date at all times.


You may opt-out of any further contact from us.

To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, we may have to verify that you are who you say you are before we can give you access to, or change, information about you.


How to Contact Us

Via email to

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