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This botanically inspired wall or table top decoration is made from locally sourced porcelain, carefully sculpted and high fired in a pottery kiln.


The unglazed, matt finish gives it a beautifully organic feel. Natural porcelain is almost white in colour and is the most popular and classic choice.


The flower can be displayed on the wall (each flower comes with a plug and a rod to ensure secure fastening), or it can be used as a table top decoration.


This design is popular as a wedding, anniversary or a birthday gift. In many traditions it symbolises hope.


Should you like to dress up a bigger surface of your wall please check our flower sets. You’ll also find more inspiration in our Wall Art section.


Please be aware that one batch of porcelain pieces may differ slightly from another and from the piece in the image. Differences are usually minuscule and have no impact on the quality of the work.

Single Natural Porcelain 'Mum' Bloom

  • Various options available: from approximately 10cm/3.9 inch to 14cm / 5.5inch radius.

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