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My story - where it all began.

Most of us have been searching for love, career and passion to fulfill our dreams. For the best part of my journey I have been looking for all those things, but I have also felt that being creative is my pathway. I have tried design and furniture making and then considered jewellery craft, but eventually it was ceramics that completely absorbed my attention. I remember visiting the British Museum years ago and having my first serious thoughts about ceramics being the oldest craft in the world. I was stunned by the vast collection of pottery that has survived thousands of years, despite its fragility, and still 'tells' its story. When I moved from London to Staffordshire in 2011, I was captivated by the local heritage and pottery traditions, still present through the remains of the ceramic industry, as well as fully operating institutions such as Middleport Pottery and World of Wedgwood. And soon after, when I took up pottery classes at a local College, I knew that clay was my passion. For a while I was juggling my full time job with evenings and weekends making ceramics. First on my kitchen table, in our conservatory and then in a renovated garage. It was a while before I had my own kilns, perfect studio (almost) and a growing team of people who believe in me and enjoy the experience of working on so many fulfilling projects. I feel that I am still at the beginning of my journey, confident I am on the right pathway and very excited to see where it takes me. Aleksandra Founder of AC Ceramic Atelier

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